A Swiss-based, eco-friendly, bare-metal stakepool for Cardano

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CAB :: 8eb9b5a0cd4ca781eaca806d6a77c891f73dec5bf9f3ec5dae531c50accde5a5

Our golden rules


Your lovelaces are safe at Cardanobay.

Our team cumulate decades of experience managing Networks, Servers and IT operations, so we can prevent any type of attack aimed at destabilizing the Cardanobay Stakepool.


No cloud-provider, no shared hosting.

Cardanobay is running a bare-metal stakepool.  Our node is located in Switzerland, behind a private, enterprise grade network connectivity.

By doing so, we are contributing to the network in a truly decentralized way.


With an average of only 10W power consumption, our node is designed to avoid wasting energy.

Big thanks to the Cardano Protocol, even with this low power consumption, we can ensure the operations runs smoothly.


Live Monitoring

We have integrated the node in our real-time monitoring system, allowing us to check the performances and resources of the Stakepool. We also develop custom scripts to check everything work as expected, or send some statistics to the network.

With these tools we can now prevent any problem before they happen.

High Availability

We are currently in the Incentivized Tesnet period. During this period, we are actively testing different scenarios, to try to provide 99.99% uptime SLA once the mainnet comes live cool

The Block Generator

Eglobal M Core Fanless ~ 10 Watt (W)

Intel Core i3-7100M @ 2.40 GHz

16 GB DDR4 PC4-19200S

Samsung PM851 mSata 128GB

The Dead Simple (and low) Fees

Fees as low as 4.2% on rewards. Nothing more, nothing less. Forever, and ever.



Tax Fixed


Ada Staked

₳ 530k+