🌊 Cardano Bay 🌴

 A Swiss-based, eco-friendly, bare-metal staking pool for Cardano

Pool Status


Ticker :: Address

[CAB] :: 2f355f79ee007502d116ecb07e36f985b34cebf2d84118f5c6b455a1

The golden rules


Your funds are safe at Cardano Bay.

I cumulate 15 years managing Networks, Servers and IT processes, and will make sure to apply the best practices to prevent any type of attack intended to destabilize the Cardano Bay Staking Pool.


No cloud-provider, no shared hosting.

Cardano Bay is running bare-metal servers.  The nodes are located in Switzerland, behind a private, enterprise grade network connectivity.

By doing so, I am contributing to the network in a truly decentralized way.


With an average of 30 W power consumption, per node, the topology is optimized to avoid wasting energy.

Cardano Bay also have a 3.5KW/h photovoltaic installation which generates renewable electricity to run the nodes.


Live Monitoring

The nodes are integrated in a real-time monitoring system, allowing me to check the performances and resources of the Staking Pool. I also develop custom scripts to check everything is working as expected, or to send some statistics to the network.

With these tools I can now prevent any problem before they happen.

24/7/365 Availability

With this high availability cluster, enterprise grade network connectivity and firewalling,  protected by an UPS (APC) and constantly live monitored, Cardano Bay can offer a very reliable and efficient service, SLA level near to 100%.


The Relays & Block Generator

Eglobal Mini PC ~ 30 Watt (W)

Intel Core i9-9880H CPU @ 2.30GHz (16x)

64 GB DDR4-2666

Samsung 970 EVO Plus (1000GB, M.2 2280)

The Dead Simple (and low) Fees

Dynamic fees as low as 1.2% on rewards.
➤ You gain 98.8% of the rewards !
Static fees are set to the minimum allowed by the protocol (340 ADA)



Tax Fixed

340 ₳ 

Pool Pledge

312 000 ₳